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“Do not save what is left after spending,

but spend what is left after saving.”

– Warren Buffet

For most people, the word budget evokes strong, negative feelings of doing without the fun stuff in life. I challenge you to, instead, think of how a financial blueprint can guide the decisions you make so they are aligned with your goals. Trust me on this. We tend to geek-out and get a little excited about blueprinting over here!

Research shows that if you write down your goals that you have a significantly higher level of success in achieving them.

How we blueprint:

How we blueprint:

  1. We start with a discovery meeting to discuss your income and expenses.
  2. Next, we will make a list of your goals. Some examples could include:
    Paying off your home
    Paying off credit cards / other debt
    Purchasing a vehicle
    Purchasing a second home
    Saving for a vacation
    Saving for a home renovation
    Building an Emergency Fund
    …and anything else your mind can dream up!

What do you do next? This is the part when most people get stuck.

How do you get from point A to point B where you are living your best life? We have a blueprint for that!

We will build the BUCKET STRATEGY framework to help you implement a plan for each paycheck.

Who doesn’t need that?!

OUR GOAL is to equip you with the savings blueprint so that you can create a habit. That habit will build confidence in your ability to save so that you can utilize and update the blueprint for years to come.

We are here to Support your savings journey with regular check in meetings to monitor your progress.

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