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Q: What Should I Bring to the First Meeting?

Please bring current statements for all investment and retirement accounts that you have. Also, brainstorm a list of your current income streams (i.e. paycheck if you are still working, pension if retired, Social Security, etc.) and a list of your current expenses. These lists can be estimates.

Q: What is the fee for the Consultation?

The first meeting is complimentary. It will give us a chance to get to know one another and decide if your needs align with the services we provide.

Q: What is the Onboarding Process and an Estimated Timeline?

If we decide to move forward with the financial advisory relationship after the initial meeting, which we call the Discovery Meeting, then we will have another meeting to share the proposal and plan based on the information gathered during the initial meeting.

From there, we will create the necessary new account forms and send the forms for your signature via DocuSign (email signature), by mail, or we can sign the forms in person.

After that, a compliance review occurs and we await funds to be transferred over. Once all funds arrive, we will invest the account per the agreed upon proposal or discussion. All onboarding scenarios are unique so the entire process could vary from 1-2 weeks to 4+ weeks.

Q: How can I Schedule a Meeting with Erin Fox?

We offer multiple options to schedule a meeting:

  • call or text - 904.264.0520
  • email -
  • website scheduling (coming soon)